Deficiency Responses

The best run labs in the country still wind up with deficiencies from time to time. CAP, COLA, DOH, and others have been back in full-swing with inspections and our clients are loving the the ability to send data to the inspectors electronically.

Whoops … Missing Expirations :\

One of our clients shared a story with us that highlights a not-so-obvious benefit of using our platform.

QA Lead [Describing the Inspection]:
“The inspection went pretty well except for one small item – they failed to write the Expiration Dates on the jars of Reagents.”

Minor detail ??? Maybe …
Simple Solution ? ABSOLUTELY! ?

QA Lead:
“That’s why I was happy we were using LabLogs. I simply added a new task to the Instrument Type and had the Techs perform the task for 7 days. Then I exported the report to PDF and sent it over to them for our Deficiency Response.”

Electronic Lab Logs

Our software platform is making the Maintenance and QC tracking both efficient and impactful.

When auditors request documents to be sent electronically, it sure
makes things easier if you already have your data in an Electronic Platform like

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