Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll show you exactly how your labs can benefit from our electronic solution.

You can literally track anything in the lab

Common examples:
Chemistry lines
Urinalysis Devices
Kit Tests
Fridge and Freezer Temps
Environmental Temps and Humidity

Not-so-common Examples:
Task Lists (end of the week/month checklists)

All lots and reagents are linked to an instrument and can be set to link to a Task as well so that the task requires the lot/reagent to be defined and up to date before performing the tasks.
Yes, all tasks are shared across the platform for all Users, as long as they have access.
No. By design, the LabLogs platform is flexible and can track any task that is on a schedule in the laboratory. Users with administrative privileges can define new instruments as often as they’d like. Our Customer Success team is also available to help assist or guide you in this process as well.
Yes, you can attach these records for each instrument, and they will carry over into your monthly reports.
Every task that is on a schedule, can also be performed off schedule at any time as needed.
No. We do not currently directly interface with your instrumentation, but for our clients who have onboard QC (whether in an LIS or on the instruments themselves), they can export this monthly and attach in LabLogs for monthly reports. This allows LabLogs to be the only place you need to go for an inspection.
No. Our system is Cloud Based and there are no apps to install on the desktops or even the tablets that use the system.
No, we do not tie into any information with PHI.

Our software platform and processes adhere to the 21 CFR Part 11 compliance regulations. To find out more information on our compliance response, please visit our help documentation at the link below.


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About Electronic Lab Logs

Our LabLogs.co Software Platform tracks maintenance tasks and QC for all your lab instruments so that you can always be ready for audits and inspections.

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