Using the Dashboard

In the lab, there can be literally hundreds of tasks to stay on top of throughout the work week. The Dashboard takes the guess work out of the scheduling. PrioritizingIf something’s due, the Dashboard will present it front and center. Using an electronic system means THE SYSTEM will now do the thinking and timing for you.  Combined ...
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Prevent Holes with

The software is designed to keep your lab completely compliant. The holes that often occur in the paper logs that float around are preventable! Most of the time, a simple reminder does the trick.  With each task has a timeline and you can set up alerts on each point on that timeline. This means you ...
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Lot and Reagent Tracking

Lots of Lots!! In the lab, one of the many Paper Logs that float around are the Lot and Reagents Logs. Tracking the Lots that are used along with the Expiration Dates, Date Opened, Date Discarded, and on and on and on can be just one more place where jotting down information is cumbersome and sometimes missed. ...
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Deficiency Responses

Deficiency Responseswith The best run labs in the country still wind up with deficiencies from time to time. CAP, COLA, DOH, and others have been back in full-swing with inspections and our clients are loving the the ability to send data to the inspectors electronically. Whoops Missing Expirations : One of our clients shared a ...
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Virtual Inspections

Virtual Inspections with It’s no longer news that Virtual  is the new norm. CAP, COLA, DOH, and others have all been implementing hybrid inspections. Virtual Inspections have started across the country.  When auditors request documents to be sent electronically, it sure makes things easier if you already have your data in an Electronic Platform like ...
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About Electronic Lab Logs

Our Software Platform tracks maintenance tasks and QC for all your lab instruments so that you can always be ready for audits and inspections.

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