Virtual Inspections with

It’s no longer news that Virtual [Everything] is the new norm. CAP, COLA, DOH, and others have all been implementing hybrid inspections. Virtual Inspections have started across the country. 

When auditors request documents to be sent electronically, it sure makes things easier if you already have your data in an Electronic Platform like Electronic Lab Logs has enabled managers around the US to transition to this new normal with ease. 

Monthly Reports

Paper-Shaming might be the new norm soon! 

Are you still walking around gathering Paper Logs every month? Then you put together Binders full of these logs so you can pass them along from desk to desk to desk…. Then eventually let them sit on a shelf with a pile of other Binders until you have to thumb through them for inspections!? 

We won’t say “Shame on you” yet, but we will say “We can help!!” is the solution! When you move to electronic logs, you are also gaining electronic reporting! ?  ?  ?

Your Monthly Reports are generated automatically for you, and any other custom reports are a click away. 

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